5 Obvious Reasons Why You Should Use a Reusable Water Bottle

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Why Should I Buy a Reusable Water Bottle?


In our landfills. In our homes. In our oceans. In our bodies. It’s becoming a crisis.




While it may seem impossible to combat it alone, the more we try to change individually, the bigger impact we have together. Personally, I get so frustrated when I see the statistics. We each have to strive to make small changes. I promise they add up to a lot.

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One of the easiest things we can do is swap out single-use plastics! I’d highly recommend this if you’re trying to live a more “green” life. A reusable water bottle is a perfect way to start small, yet still keep a ton of single-use plastics out of landfills and oceans. This is where Hip comes in — click on any of the images to learn more about them!

They Can Be So Cute (Or Cool!)

Not only do they help out with the environment, but they also look really nice! Hip water bottles, in particular, are inexpensive and the 22 oz. bottles are leak-free so they can easily be tossed into your bag!

These are made to resemble a hip flask, so they have an entirely different design than most water bottles.

They Are Practical

They are useful and they can last years! With these, you don’t have to worry about much, the only thing you have to remember is to use it! I have a long commute to work every day, so it’s nice to toss it in and know I’ll have it when I need it. I have to walk for some time to get into my building, so it’s nice to know that it won’t spill and my hands are free! These are the best reusable water bottles and you won’t regret purchasing them.

They Are Inexpensive

Hip bottles cost $15. It costs nearly $5 for a case of water. On average, I drink 5-6 bottles of water a day. In just 18 days, I break even and start saving money by using a reusable water bottle.

Invest in a good one and you’ll start saving money in no time! Even if you’re a soda drinker, it’s often much cheaper to bring your own cups.

They Reduce Waste

Think of all the plastic you’re saving with just one reusable bottle. If I drink 5 bottles a day, that saves at least 1,825 water bottles from being sent to the landfill. Let’s be real — we can’t recycle everything. In fact, my town doesn’t even have a recycling program. I have no choice but to try to reduce my plastic usage.

You’ll Stay Hydrated

For me, when I have a cool water bottle, I want to show it off. Mindlessly, I tend to drink more out of my own water bottle than if I’m drinking out of plastic bottles. And all of this is guilt-free!

But What if I forget it?

If you’re prone to forgetting — just buy two or three! Not all at once, if you can’t afford it, of course. I try to keep one at work, one in my car, and one in my bag. That way, if one is dirty, I always have a backup. It also ensures I have a clean one if I stop and get soda instead of water!


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