7 Best Quotes and Book Review: Last Summer by Kerry Lonsdale

With summer winding down and work picking up a bit, I decided it was a perfect time to listen to this audiobook! Often, I choose audiobooks because I can complete other tasks while listening to a great story. I have a long commute to work each day, so audiobooks help me get in 2 hours of reading time!

Deciding what book to read next can be so difficult. If you’re like me, you scour through book reviews trying to find good books to read. I love reading, but it can be an expensive hobby, especially if you don’t love the book.

I love KindleUnlimited because it’s such a cheap way to read books. It’s only $10 each month, you can cancel anytime, you don’t need Amazon Prime, and many titles have a free audiobook with it. Just one hardcover book costs around $20, so I really think it’s worth it. You also don’t need a Kindle in order for it to work. You can download the Kindle App on your phone or laptop. You also don’t need wifi all of the time. You can download the books ahead of time to read them on the road, so you don’t use up all of your data!

And relax, I’m not getting paid to post this. I just truly enjoy my membership and think it’s worth it!

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Finally, getting to the book review:

I really enjoyed this book! I kept putting it off because that’s what everyone does when they have a million books on their to-read list. I’m so mad that I did because it was way better than the other book I was trying to read, but we won’t get into that. Last Summer by Kerry Lonsdale was a love story but also a mystery. I was always questioning what was going on. She writes it so that you don’t really know who to trust.

Last Summer is a book about a journalist named Ella who is living in San Francisco with her husband, a handsome, rich man who owns a private cybersecurity company. They are absolutely perfect for each other until they realize that there are several serious secrets they’ve kept from each other. Secrets that may be devastating to their relationship. One day, when Ella wakes up in a hospital, she has a form of memory loss and can’t recall huge chunks of her life over the past 7 months.

This story will take you through the twists and turns of Ella trying to remember how she ended up there, who she can trust to tell her the truth, and if she’s the one to blame for what has happened to her. It makes both of them contemplate how much they should truly tell their spouses — will it help or just hurt the other? There is surprise after surprise in this book and just when you have it figured out, there’s another plot twist.

My favorite character was someone that Ella interviews, named Nathan. He helps her sort through a lot of personal issues. He’s rugged, adventurous, and is fun to get to know. A lot of secrets are held with him and it’s so fun to figure them out.

Last Summer is well-written, surprising, and overall, a light and easy read that I’d recommend to anyone who is up for a good love story! I would consider this a YA book, or Young Adult, so it may not interest you if you don’t typically like YA.

My rating: 5/5.

My Favorite Quotes from Last Summer

Great Book Quotes

“My mother always preached that the more bite marks on your tongue, the happier your marriage.” -Last Summer, Kerry Lonsdale

Literary Quotes

“I learned that my mother was right. Funny how that happens.” -Last Summer, Kerry Lonsdale

Best Young Adult Books

“Do you know what happens when you can’t remember having something? You don’t miss it.” -Last Summer, Kerry Lonsdale

Young Adult Romance Books

“He wants to live and breathe his losses.” -Last Summer, Kerry Lonsdale

Fiction Book Review

“My parents were as hot and cold as the next couple. But they were a perfect match for each other, which is why they worked.” -Last Summer, Kerry Lonsdale

Quotes for Instagram

“The note is one word. Simple yet powerful and so full of meaning. Stay.” -Last Summer, Kerry Lonsdale

Young Adult Book Quotes

“I didn’t want to find myself so hopelessly in love and wake up one morning to find out she never loved me back.” -Last Summer, Kerry Lonsdale


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