The Best Wedding Finds on Etsy

When planning my wedding, I definitely was on a budget. We wanted a really special and custom wedding that seemed perfect to us. Let’s face it, everyone is overcome by Pinterest wedding ideas. I could spend forever reading blogs from Pinterest or reading through The Knot. I was trying to think of cute decorations and wedding gift ideas that would work for our style. It was difficult because we wanted to do things a little differently. We scoured craft stores and Hobby Lobby. Eventually, I was able to find things for the wedding that had great value and were exactly what we were looking for. We did find some really awesome cheap wedding hacks, but there were some things that we didn’t want to skimp out on entirely.

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Etsy is amazing for custom items! It’s often a little more expensive than shopping from a large retailer. I find this OK, because I know I’m supporting small businesses! They have so much out there, that sometimes, it’s hard to find exactly what you’re looking for. I could spend hours on Etsy. In fact, I did! When I was looking for items for my wedding, it took me such a long time. That’s why I’m here to help you.

Here are some of my favorite wedding items from Etsy!

Bride / Maid of Honor Shirts

Since I have one sister, and my husband has one brother, we decided to make the wedding party really simple and small. I used this shirt as part of her gift when I asked her to be my Maid of Honor! I also got one for myself, since I definitely needed a bride shirt for all of the wedding festivities. It was $34 for both shirts.

Custom shirts are fun, but I didn’t know what all we would be using them for! I ended up wearing mine at my wedding. It got so hot and I knew I wanted to change. I didn’t bring any other dresses other than my rehearsal dress, but that just didn’t seem right. I put on my shirt, some jean shorts, and kept on my white cowboy boots. I thought it looked so cute and was so much more comfortable.

Ring Bearer Box

We weren’t sure if we’d be able to have a ring bearer or not due to the location of our wedding. We got this box, so a child or the best man could carry them! My nephew wasn’t able to make it, but my cousin stepped in and was one of the cutest ring bearers ever! The best part, this custom box was only $11!


I knew I wanted a garter, so when I found this one, I flipped. It was beautiful, jeweled, and they request your exact measurements so there was no question if it would fit or not. This one was a little more expensive, at $32. It was a set, so it came with a keepsake and one to toss. Also, did you see how pretty it is?

Funny story: At my bridal shower, we played a game where all of the guests brought a pair of underwear and I had to guest who brought which pair. Dalton’s mom bought me this huge white pair that said something silly on one side. We thought it would be funny to tuck those into my boot during the garter toss. When Dalton pulled it out of my boot, we died laughing.

Embroidered Handkerchief

I ordered three handkerchiefs. I ordered this one for myself and Dalton’s mom. They were on sale at the time and I spent $7 on each of them. This one, however, was a little more expensive due to the customization. For my mom’s, it was $18.

I liked the idea of a handkerchief because it’s a little old fashioned. I knew that neither mine or Dalton’s mom would have one. I thought that it was make a very special keepsake!

Wedding Veil

When I tried on my wedding dress, I put on a cathedral veil with it. Instantly, I was sold. The one at the bridal shop was very expensive, so I looked around for some online. I wanted something simple, and when I found this one, I needed it. It was $53.

Best Man Flask

We didn’t serve liquor at our wedding, just beer and wine. We wanted to get our best man a gift, and this was perfect in case he wanted to bring some liquor. This rustic and custom flask was on sale for $16!

Wedding Cake Topper

We got this one, because it was a little different, custom, and only $12. It seemed a little delicate, so I was worried about shipping, but they actually place it in a wooden cut out, so absolutely no damage takes place during shipping. Since it didn’t say “just married” or “bride and groom,” it’s also something we could use for anniversary parties int he future!

Custom Beer Glasses

We ordered these custom beer glasses for the father of the bride and the father of the groom. It was $42 for both of them. Since we bought kegs for the wedding, we thought it would be fun for the dads to have mugs that showed off their status for the day.

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