Our Love Story: Just the Beginning

With our wedding coming up, I wanted to take time to reflect and write about how Dalton and I met. Its a semi-tragic story that involves the head cheerleader and the football captain. The greatest love story I can think of. A true, romantic tale between two young, dumb, high school sweethearts. Our very own Hallmark love story.

I had just turned 16 when my family uprooted from Sandstone, West Virginia and moved to Firth, Idaho. I was happy to be moving to a *slightly* larger town with *slightly* more potential but wasn’t excited to leave my friends behind.

I flew to Idaho by myself, as my grandpa knew one of the cheer coaches and was able to help me get a spot on the team. I lived with my grandparents and went to cheer practice while my family drove across the country.

After my family finally arrived, I wanted to help my older brother socialize and meet some new people. One of my teammates had posted that they were having a party, so we decided to go!

When we got to the party, the girls were in one large group and the guys were in another. My brother and I split up, until I got cold and wanted to get a coat from his car. I approached the group of guys, almost all of which I had never met before. Dalton was in this group, and while some of them were excited to introduce themselves, he stayed pretty quiet.

Somehow, towards the end of the evening, Dalton, my brother, and I were all talking by the fire. There was a few of us at first and it eventually dwindled down to just the three of us. We were talking about how my brother was into MMA fighting. Once he brought that up, Dalton literally turned his back to me and didn’t speak to me for the rest of the night.

Eventually, we realized that it might be time for us to go home. We looked around and noticed that we were the last people there, I have no idea how late it was. This is also when Dalton realized that his friends had left him there without a ride. He asked if my brother and I would take him home, but he really didn’t have another other options.

He didn’t live far from the party, or our new house, so we decided it was ok. He told us which turns to make to get to his house. When we arrived, he told my brother it was nice meeting him and they exchanged phone numbers, apparently they were besties now.

My brother and I found our way back home after some confusion on the roads that were all new to us. I have to admit, I was a little bummed. I was glad that my brother was meeting people, but it didn’t feel so great to be ignored all night.

You can imagine my surprise when I received a friend request on Facebook from Dalton the next day. It came with an accompanying message, stating that he enjoyed meeting us and that I should text him.

I decided that since he had ignored me, I wasn’t going to put in much of an effort. I sent him my number back and left it at that. Of course, he did text me and the rest of the summer, we were basically inseparable.

I had never had a boyfriend before and Dalton was so sweet! I even wanted to come home early from spending 3 weeks at my grandma’s house in Oregon because I wanted to spend time with Dalton instead. The definition of young love.

The story doesn’t end here though. With me being new, I decided to tell Dalton that I didn’t want to get into a serious relationship this quickly. I wanted to start school and be able to meet people, but I wanted to keep things with us just how they were. That’s not how he took it and for the next year, we didn’t speak at all, even though we had almost every class together.

So, how did we go from that to “I love you?” Stay tuned for part 2!

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