Wedding Gifts the Bride + Groom Actually Enjoy

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Wedding season is in full swing! If you’re at my age, friends are probably getting married left and right. Weddings are so fun, yet so stressful, even as a guest! It’s so hard to find a perfect and thoughtful gift. If you’re wondering: “what is a good wedding gift?” let me make life a little easier for you. As someone who is getting married soon, here are some unique wedding gift ideas the bride and groom will appreciate.

1. A Cooler

This specific cooler is from CleverMade. It fits up to 30 cans, which is great! This is the ultimate wedding gift for beer drinkers! We have a small cooler and a really large one, but sometimes it would be nice to have a medium sized one. This one is less than $25 and is incredibly functional. It collapses down to save space while being stored, comes with a built in bottle opener, and is insulated. If you’re feeling extra generous, throw in a 30 pack of their favorite beer (or soda!).

2. Wine/Picnic Tote

How romantic! If you live anywhere like me, there’s beautiful sunset views within minutes. There’s nothing more special and romantic than a sunset and sharing a glass of wine, or whisky, with your partner. This tote is perfect for that! It’s insulated, fits two bottles of wine with room for snacks, and comes with cups, napkins, and a bottle opener!

3. Luggage

Luggage is something that is so overlooked when planning wedding festivities! Most people are using hand-me-down luggage, and it’s probably time for an upgrade! This set is perfect as a wedding gift. Trust me, if you have no idea what to get for a wedding gift: go with luggage! This set is under $150, which is a great deal for a full luggage set. You could buy one set or get one for the bride and groom!

4. Breakfast Trays

A breakfast tray is something that not a lot of people already have. It’s a great option for a cheap wedding gift that is still useful and thoughtful. It’s perfect for newlyweds to spend their weekends getting pampered with breakfast in bed! This one is farmhouse friendly and is only $16.99.

5. Director’s Chairs

My fiancé and I love spending time outside. A comfy chair is the way to go! We prefer a nice director chair over a classic lawn chair. This one in particular is $83, which is a good price point to be at for a wedding gift. It has a table, which is perfect to put your supplies on while making s’mores! It also is really easy to carry, with straps that resemble a backpack. Not to mention, the buffalo plaid works perfectly for everyone!

6. Cash or Gift Cards

If you don’t know the couple very well or can’t think of anything they need, I guarantee they will appreciate cash or a gift card more than a random gift! If they’re homeowners: think Lowe’s or Home Depot. You can get them AirBnB gift cards if they’re travelers. Or you can just give them cash and let them choose where to spend their money.

Last Thoughts

If you’re still searching for the perfect wedding gift, visit Etsy! There are so many fun, custom gifts on there. If you live near a Williams-Sonoma, this is also a great place to find items for a newly married couple. Don’t forget how cool monogrammed items are too. For example, my last name will start with a “C,” so I’ve had so much fun finding new decor that has my new monogram on it!

You may still be asking, what is a good wedding gift amount? At the end of the day, if you can’t afford anything at all — your love and support of the couple will always be enough!

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