Quotes You’ll Love From “The Trap” by Melanie Raabe

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Hey, friends! I wanted to share some of my favorite quotes from The Trap by Melanie Raabe. I saw this book a while ago, snapped a photo of the cover and have wanted to read it ever since. If you’re anything like me, your to-read list is massive. Well, I finally got around to it!

The book itself is about a woman who’s sister got murdered. The killer was never caught, but she had a haunting advantage because she saw his face as he was escaping. Several years later, she’s a successful writer who is unable to leave her home, she must find a way to fight off her demons and try to find justice for her dearly loved sister.

I don’t want orderliness; I want chaos, life. I want the twigs and leaves to brush against me as if I were in a forest. I want to smell the scent of the flowers; I want to get drunk on it. Page 15

When you lead as quiet a life as I do, it’s a good idea to take pleasure in small things. Page 25

Stars only have one means of telling us that they no longer exist: they stop shining. Page 62

I remind myself that I am on a tiny planet that is moving at an insane speed through a boundless universe, never tiring of its flight around the sun, and I think to myself; it’s crazy. Page 63

My body is waking up after years of numbness. Page 77

If I don’t write, I feel as if all my pores are blocked. Page 129

I listen to the voices arguing in my head, and I no longer know which of them is the rational one. Page 222

What’s your favorite book quote?

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