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I’m a clean freak, let me tell you. But I’m just like everyone else and I slip up. Sometimes I get home and think a tornado hit. Two dogs alone can make such a mess! I’m also an expert in keeping busy, so if I can do it, you can too!

I have broken my schedule into three parts: Daily, Weekly, and Monthly. Of course, this isn’t always everything I do. There are times that I just spend all day, deep-cleaning everything I see. There are others where I skip cleaning altogether, I’m human! This is just a basic list of how I keep my home feeling clean, all year round. Pro tip: use a caddy like this to keep everything together, it makes it so much easier going room to room!

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  • Sweep / Vacuum: I tend to focus on common areas more. Our bedroom door is shut most of the day, so most likely, I only have to sweep two times a week in there. I sweep up the kitchen and living room at least once a day. We do have very dark floors (by choice, I love the way they look!), so it’s it’s easy to see any dirt or hair that piles up.
  • De-Clutter: This is easy to skip but if you do it daily, it saves so much time in the long run. It makes it a lot easier if you organize and have a place for everything. This way, if you put everything back at the end of the day, you know where to find it in the future. Generally, it doesn’t take me too long if I de-clutter every day.
  • Wipe Down Kitchen: We make most of our meals at home, so the kitchen is one area that always seems to be dirty. When cooking, I try to put stuff back as soon as I’m done with them. I always lose motivation after I have cooked, so if I try to clean during, it makes it so much easier. I clean off the counters and table then wipe them down with a cleaner to disinfect them.
  • Make Beds: I try to do this first thing after I get up. If not, it’s all too easy to crawl back in bed! My sheets feel fresher for much longer if they aren’t wrinkled all day. I like to think that a made bed also deters bugs.
  • Empty Trash: This one doesn’t take too long! It’s easy to ignore the overflowing trashcan and to keep piling stuff on top. It’s best to just take it out to avoid any bad scents and to keep it sanitary. Pro tip: Put in a new bag right away!
  • Empty Sink: I generally do this right before we get ready for bed. I clean the sink, load the dishwasher, and handwash anything too fragile for the dishwasher. Doing this before bed gives everything all night to dry, so in the morning I can quickly put them away. This is also when I set up my coffeemaker for the next morning.


  • Sanitize Toilets: At least once a week, I clean the toilets. I use an anti-bacterial cleaner on the inside and let it sit for 10-15 minutes. While waiting, I spray down the outside. Afterward, I scrub them with a brush and flush down the cleaner.
  • Mop: I use a reusable squirt-and-mop bottle filled with this lavender Pine-Sol and wipe down the floors throughout my house. Easy peasy.
  • Dust / Polish Common Surfaces and Mirrors: I use this cleaner and wipe down my coffee table, end tables, TV stand, etc. I also use Windex to clean off bathroom mirrors and TVs.
  • Laundry: One of my worst habits is to let the laundry pile up. I typically do laundry on Sunday and focus on doing it one load at a time. I’ll wash, dry, fold, and put them away immediately. It’s a lot easier to manage when you’re staring at one load versus six.
  • Sanitize Surfaces: I like to wipe down bathroom counters, knobs, and light switches at least once a week.


  • Take Out Recycling: We don’t have a recycling program where I live, so I try to run mine to the bins in town once a month.
  • Wipe Down Baseboards: One commonly missed item is your baseboards, especially with dogs. I use microfiber cloths like these and a spray bottle to wipe them down. I have a system for these: black for dusting, blue for bathrooms, and yellow for everything else!
  • Dust / Polish: I like to clean shelves, windowsills, and harder to reach places once a month. It’s easier to clean if you don’t let the dust pile up too much. I also use microfiber cloths for this!
  • Clean Coffeemaker: My coffeemaker has a self-cleaning cycle. There’s an internal feature that will tell me exactly when it needs to be cleaned. Still, I like to run it monthly to ensure that we’re not getting any bacteria in our drinks!
  • Organize Pantry / Closets: Throughout the month it’s easy to shove things in closets and get unorganized. I go through them to tidy up and make sure everything is in its place.
  • Clean Mattresses / Pillows / Dog Beds: I toss all of our pillows in the wash for a quick cycle. I don’t generally do this every month, just when I feel like they need to be refreshed. Make sure you follow the wash instructions on their labels, it’s easy to ruin pillows in the washer and dryer. I sprinkle baking soda on my mattress and the dog beds the vacuum them off after an hour or so. This is to deodorize them and freshen them up!
  • Clean Appliances: I deep clean my appliances: washer, dryer, stove, dishwasher, and fridge. With the washer and dryer, I make sure there’s no build up and clean the outsides. If the stove needs it, I’ll run its clean cycle to burn off anything that has stuck to the bottom then wipe it out. I also deep clean the top and soak off any burn spots. I run a cycle with vinegar in my dishwasher to break down any build up as well as wipe down the outside. With the fridge, I clean out any old items and wipe down spots if needed. I wipe off the outside and clear out any buildup from the water dispenser.

That’s all! It may seem like a lot but keeping up with it daily is so much easier than putting it off and trying to do it all at once.

After it’s all done, throw on this comfy sweatshirt and enjoy a nice glass of wine. Ta-da!

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What tips do you guys have for keeping your homes clean?

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