5 Best Tips For New Freelance Writers

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So, you want to be a freelance writer? Awesome! Being a writer is a goal for so many people because it’s a hobby that can quickly turn into a passion.

Let’s talk about your first steps, how to stand out, and how to start branding yourself!

Design Your Website:

When you launch, you don’t want any errors or weird stuff happening. Find a design you like, begin hosting, and draft a handful of blogs. For my website, I like to use WordPress. It may seem like a lot to manage at first. Here’s the thing: there’s nothing wrong with starting simple and relying on a template. You can build up aspects of your website as you grow. You can even hire a professional web designer! One of the many reasons I love WordPress is because everything is in one place — design, hosting, drafting blogs, etc. You can pay through WordPress for your own domain (that’s your .com). Before you actually launch, I’d recommend to at least start on some content. That way, you have something up your sleeve if you get busy.


Personally, I like consistency and I think that a lot of others do too. As a freelance creative, I subscribe to Adobe. It’s around $10/month but I feel like it’s well worth it, IF YOU USE IT. Trust me, I have gone stagnant and not touched them for weeks. Mainly, I use Adobe Spark, Adobe Lightroom, and Adobe Photoshop. Spark is such a great took for branding. There, you can choose colors and fonts to create a consistent brand. You can also have assistance in generating things such as advertisements, Pinterest covers, and flyers. Do it!

Find Your Niche:

This is on every single post about blogging/freelancing. My friends, it is so important! While it’s fine to be a jack of all trades, you should have something that you truly specialize in. You can assist in other projects or write blogs on different topics, but having one truly significant thing can really help people find you. I find that it’s a better way to organically increase followers.

Be Passionate:

In most cases, it is easy to spot a fraud. Don’t lie about your qualifications, be honest, be genuine, and provide killer content. Heck, even give things out for free on occasion. Show people they can trust you and they will keep coming back.

Keep Trying:

You may not be an overnight success, and honestly, most bloggers aren’t. Blogging and freelance writing will test your patience and it’s very much a strategy game. Think less, “get rich quick” and more, “build a sustainable and reliable brand!”

Let’s get your site up and running! Let me know how it goes and if you have any other advice for newbies!

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I graduated from Boise State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Technical Communication. Photography and writing have both always been a passion of mine. I love sharing and hearing stories, both are such great ways to do so! In my free time, I love to drink coffee and hang out with my dogs. I have a great big German Shepherd and a tiny Porkie (Pomeranian & Yorkie).

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